We have one brand: the University of Nebraska, and if we want our brand to be recognized and known, we must present a unified identity and message. That’s why material representing any facet of the University of Nebraska should be branded as such.

The primary mark (Nebraska N) is the official logo of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) and the umbrella identity covering the entire campus. When choosing how to brand your material, this is always the correct choice.

Request Artwork Approval

Lockup Factory

Recognizing the interest of units across campus being able to emphasize their area of focus, the university has implemented a departmental lockup website. Now colleges, departments and administrative offices across campus may choose to brand their marketing and informational pieces with the university’s primary mark or with their custom logo lockup. To create your department lockup, visit the Lockup Factory.

Merchandise and/or Promotional Items

In order to safeguard the University of Nebraska’s intellectual property and satisfy the university’s graphic standards, campus departments planning to display university trademarks or specific department logos for campus merchandising programs or promotions requires review and authorization from the Licensing and Branding Department. All merchandising activity must be sourced through a company licensed with UNL. The university has a number of licensees that specialize in working with university programs and departments.

To ensure consistency in the use of UNL trademarks, all product designs must be approved by the Licensing and Branding Department before production. In most cases, the manufacturer can submit the design for approval on behalf of the organization/department. UNL departments, groups and registered student organizations may not assign trademark usage rights, or otherwise grant permission, to any other internal or external entity for any purpose without prior review and approval by the Licensing and Branding Department.

Licensee information can be found on our

e-shop or campus licensee list

When to Receive Approval from University Communications

University Communications is your contact for approval regarding:

  • Use of trademarks in the ordinary course of conducting university business when it requires changes to the design or approved colors of university trademarks, or does not adhere to the university brand guidelines. No need for approval if using trademarks in compliance with university brand guidelines on stationery, business cards, reports, official publications, posters, banners and similar materials, and materials used in academic courses.
  • Any questions regarding use of UNL trademarks for these internal purposes should be directed to University Communications.

Printed Materials

Departments are not required to use a licensed vendor for printed materials such as stationery, signs, banners and displays but are highly encouraged to do so. All departments are encouraged to use the University Print Shop. In addition, UNLPrinting knows the university brand standards, which will save you time and, if applicable, design money. If you use a non-licensed print vendor you are responsible for ensuring that the design meets with the University of Nebraska brand standards outlined in the Brand Book, as well as the brand standards outlined in the Athletics Brand Guide.

How to Order Promotional Items

  1. Choose a vendor listed on our Internal Campus Suppliers (ICS) list. Note: The Licensing and Branding Department will only approve requisitions from licensed vendors.
  2. Work with the vendor to choose the product, develop a design concept, and determine proper logo use. All licensed vendors have access to Nebraska Logo Sheet, which shows logos available for use on promotional items. All designs should also follow the guidelines listed on the Artwork Do’s and Don’ts page. Note: Do not use a vendor that ask you for a logo. Nebraska department logos not listed below will be sent to vendor by request.
  3. Submit your artwork for approval through our online request form. If there are questions or requests for redesign, you will be contacted.
  4. Approved designs may be sent to the vendor and you may proceed with the order. After artwork approval, the vendor will work on your behalf to secure final approval through Nebraska’s Licensing and Branding Department. Once approved, the vendor will fulfill the product and/or merchandise orders. If you have questions or concerns contact

Note: The Licensing and Branding Department will only approve requisitions from licensed vendors. If your preferred vendor is not included on the licensee list, the vendor may apply for an Internal Campus Supplier License. Questions regarding licensed vendors should be e-mailed to


Royalties generated from the commercial use of Nebraska’s marks support student athletes, less the actual administrative expenses of running the licensing program.

The administrative expenses include maintaining the legal requirements of trademark registration, addressing product infringement, supporting the Fair Labor Association and maintaining the Licensing and Branding Department.

Apparel and promotional products ordered by university departments, student organizations, sports clubs and Greek chapters are subject to the applicable royalty rate. This includes, but is not limited to, sales for fundraising projects, sales to individual members of a department, organization, club, or Greek chapter, or if the price of an item is built into a fee (e.g. event registration).

Exemptions from royalties include: University purchases for internal consumption.

If the merchandise is for resale to anyone else, even as a fundraiser for charity, royalties must be paid by the vendor and will be reflected in the price to the organization placing the order.

Examples Include:

-Goods and services purchased by University Departments for business use (pens, letterhead, business cards, etc.).     

-Goods purchased by the University community for internal consumption (team athletic apparel, staff uniforms, office supplies, recognition pins and plaques, calendars and schedules of events, photographs, and works of art.).     

-Goods manufactured or purchased by the University to promote the University and its programs (student recruitment materials, advertisement of University programs, and notices of special events, etc.)

Royalty exemptions will not be made for:

-Licensed goods purchased by the University, University affiliates for resale; If the merchandise is for resale to anyone else, even as a fundraiser for charity, royalties must be paid by the vendor and will be reflected in the price to the organization placing the order.

-Student groups selling licensed goods, or students engaged in business for personal profit.

-All items that are purchased for resale are royalty bearing.

  • The inclusion of a corporate name or “sponsor” requires the payment of royalties (unless a University PO or P-Card is being used to purchase).
  • If a University PO or P-card isn’t being used, royalties will most likely need to be paid.

To request exemption from royalties, organizations must email the Licensing Department prior to production of the item.