Artwork Do's and Don'ts

These lists are provided as guidelines for creating artwork. These are not comprehensive lists of everything you should and should not do. Please contact us if you have specific questions about your artwork.


  • Use a licensed vendor.
  • Use the proper trademark designations (i.e. ® or ™). You can find all of our registered trademarks on our Official Logo Sheet.
  • If you are using the Nebraska brand in conjunction with a third party’s brand, you must first obtain permission from the Licensing and Branding Department, then also receive permission from the third party.
  • Submit all artwork for approval through our online request form prior to production. All merchandise and apparel requests should be submitted for approval to the Campus Rec office of sport clubs or the RSO office in Student Involvement.
  • Plan ahead: for most vendors and products, you must have artwork approved about 2 weeks before you need the product in-hand (not including shipping time). We recommend starting the approval process at least a month in advance.
  • Product color should be red, black or white. National chapter colors are permissible for national Greek organizations. University of Nebraska–Lincoln marks should appear in red, black or white if an alternate color is used.
  • Include the student organization and event name (if applicable) on all items. Initials may be used for nationally recognized student organizations.
  • For student organizations and university departments, sponsor logos may appear on the back of the shirt, but no Nebraska branding is permitted along with the sponsor logos, unless sponsor is an athletic sponsor. Non-athletic sponsors should be in alphabetical order unless placement is based on level of sponsorship.


  • Don’t alter any of the university’s trademarks.
  • Don’t create a caricature of the mascots or other Nebraska trademarks.
  • Don’t include registered trademarks for other businesses, events or locations without the permission of Nebraska Licensing and Branding and that business, event or location.
  • Don’t use the university’s brand on any products that may be harmful to the image or mission of the university.
  • Don’t use designs that are confusingly similar to the registered trademarks or copyrights of other brands.
  • Don’t obstruct an image of the N (with text, other trademarks, etc.).
  • Don’t assign trademark usage rights, or otherwise grant permission, to any other internal or external entity for any purpose.