Importance of Buying Licensed Gear

Officially Licensed Product hologram
Look for the Label: “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label/hologram sticker
  • Use of University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s trademarks and wordmarks without permission constitutes trademark infringement
  • Royalties help fund university marketing initiatives and provide support for UNLAthletic Scholarships
  • The FLA is an organization dedicated to protecting workers’ rights and improving working conditions worldwide. As part of the university’s membership, licensed vendors are also required to join the FLA
  • Licensed product has been reviewed and approved for messages deemed appropriate to associate with the university

Signs of Unlicensed Products

  • Product seems to be made of poor quality
  • Trademarks are used in a distasteful manner
  • UNL trademarks are manipulated or distorted
  • No IMGCL hologram label
  • Cut tags
  • No registration marks, such as the ® or ™

Where to Report

Report unlicensed product through our report form. Please include as much information as possible (a picture, where it is being sold, who produced the product, etc.)