How to Become Licensed

Types of Licenses

Internal Campus Supplier (ICS)

This license allows companies to produce products for on-campus groups and departments at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln for internal use only. Internal Campus Suppliers cannot sell to any entity if the product will be resold and/or used for fundraising. Royalties are not collected for these products.

Local License

This license is for Nebraska based companies that wish to sell licensed products with university trademarks within the state of Nebraska. These products can be sold to institutions and their departments, directly to consumers and retail stores. Royalties will be collected on all products that will be resold.

Standard License

This license is for companies that have extensive production capabilities and retail distribution that wish to sell licensed products with university trademarks across the country. Royalties will be collected on all products sold.

Crafters License

This license is intended for fans and alumni who are interested in producing small quantities of handmade merchandise. The craftsperson must reside in the state of Nebraska. The application period for the 2020-2021 program is July 1 to July 31, 2020. See the Crafters License Program page for more information.

NCAA/Bowl/Conference License

These are special licenses for companies that wish to obtain rights to use the trademarks of the NCAA, bowl games, or athletic conferences for use on licensed products, either alone or in conjunction with university trademarks.

How To Apply

Learn more about requirements of the IMG College Licensing (IMGCL) licensing process. If you would like more information on the licensing process prior to starting the application, please contact either Nebraska’s Licensing and Branding Department at or IMGCL directly at

NOTE: Please review each IMGCL document about becoming licensed and the licensing program before applying for a license.