Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Collegiate Licensing Company?

Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is a division of IMG Worldwide and is the nation’s leading collegiate trademark licensing and marketing company. CLC acts as the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s exclusive trademark licensing agent.

Who can produce products using University of Nebraska–Lincoln trademarks?

Only those who have been approved through the IMGCL licensing process.

When do I need a license?

You will need a license if:

  • You or your business/organization wishes to use the Nebraska trademarks on any product that is to be sold. Please visit the How to Become Licensed section to learn more about applying for a license.
  • You or your business/organization wishes to use any of Nebraska’s trademarks in any type of advertisement to promote the sale of your goods or services. Examples would include print advertisements, radio spots, TV spots, etc. Please contact Huskers Athletic Partners at 402-472-2385 to learn more.
  • You or your business/organization wishes to use any of Nebraska’s trademarks to drive business to your organization in other ways. Please contact Huskers Athletic Partners at 402-472-2385 to learn more.
How do I become licensed?

For information on the licensing process, go to How to Become Licensed.

What are the registered marks of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln?

A list of UNL’s registered and common law marks can be viewed on the Official Logo Sheet.

The words “Nebraska” and “Cornhuskers”/“Huskers” are trademarked by the university, but these are common words. How do I know whether I need permission to use these trademarks?

As a general rule, when Nebraska’s color scheme or any other Nebraska identifier is used in connection with these words to reference the University of Nebraska and not the state of Nebraska in a commercial manner, you will need a license. Also, if the items are being sold with the intention of representing the University of Nebraska, you will need a license.

Everyone else makes unlicensed product, why can't I?

The Licensing and Branding Department is consistently monitoring the marketplace and controlling the use of our marks, as that is our job. Unfortunately, there are stipulations that protect some products from being removed (i.e. the First Sale Doctrine), which might add to the assumption that people are “getting away” with illegal activity. We are very fortunate to have such an enthusiastic fan base, however with that comes many products, homemade or professionally manufactured, that improperly bear our marks.  We greatly understand the significant amount of infringing items in the marketplace and the frustration that comes with it. We can assure you that we are not being selective in our decisions and that all items will be reported and removed as soon as possible. It is a continuing effort on our part but the process will be fair and as speedy as possible.

What does the University of Nebraska–Lincoln do if unlicensed merchandise is discovered in the marketplace?

UNL takes seriously the responsibility that comes along with trademark ownership and will take appropriate action to ensure UNLtrademarks are adequately protected.

I am a crafter, but don’t want to pay for a license. Does the University have a Crafter’s Program?

Yes. Please visit the Crafters License Program under the How To Become Licensed tab.

If my product is not going to be resold, do I still have to select a licensed vendor?

If you are personally producing a craft that will not be resold, no you do not need to use a licensed vendor.

If you are an internal department or student organization, yes you will need to use a licensed vendor. See below questions for more details.

Can I remove the University of Nebraska–Lincoln trademark, so I don’t have to use a licensee?

No, when ordering a product, the design must contain a UNL trademark to help brand and tie your student organization or department to the university.

I have a design that has been used in the past. Do I still need to submit it for approval?

Yes, each order should be submitted and approved. Branding standards for the university can change. This will ensure your design is current and in line with branding standards.

If I am a student or from a department at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, do I need to ask permission to use a trademark?

Yes, it is important for the university to protect the trademarks and controlling their use will maintain their value. To start the request process, please go to Student Requests or Department Requests.

I am a student organization or a university department, how do I order a shirt or other University of Nebraska–Lincoln branded products?

For information about ordering UNL branded products please go to Student Requests or Department Requests.

I would like to have a product made to distribute to my employees and/or customers that features my company’s logo, as well as the Nebraska logo. Do I need a license?

While you do not need a license, a sponsorship is required. Contact Huskers Athletic Partners for more information.

Is it permissible to add embellishment to a product that I already own?

No, it is not permissible to embellish products with UNL trademarks.

Can I use the university’s name or logo on a website?

All uses of the university trademarks require permission from the Licensing and Branding Department. Please email your request to lhenrichs@huskers.com.

Does commercial filming require university approval in advance?

Yes, all commercial filming inquiries should be directed to Lonna Henrichs, Director of Licensing and Branding at lhenrichs@huskers.com.