Political and Endorsement Activities

In order to maintain its integrity as a public institution, it is critical that the University of Nebraska maintain neutrality in regard to any political activity. The University of Nebraska prohibits the use of any of its symbols, logos, or other identifying marks in association with any activity that involves the endorsement, support, or promotion of political candidates or activities.

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents prohibits university employees from engaging in personal endorsements of commercial goods, services or businesses when such endorsements may be perceived as endorsements by the University (See RP-3.3.9 Endorsement of Commercial Goods and Services by the University and University). The Athletic Department extends this prohibition to its staff, coaches, sport programs and student-athletes as follows:¬†They may neither endorse nor be perceived to be endorsing a commercial good, service or business unless university and UNL policy provide authorization, and the endorsement or conduct perceived to be an endorsement is allowed by both the Big Ten Conference and the NCAA. The Athletic Department further prohibits its staff, coaches, sports programs, and student-athletes from endorsing specific charitable or non-profit organizations or as approved by the Director of Athletics as activities that support the mission and purpose of the department or the university and/or are supported by the Big Ten, NCAA, or national governing bodies such as the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA).

Athletic Department Policy Regarding Department Endorsement Activities